Jonathan Chibois

Associate researcher at the Laboratory of Political Anthropology (EHESS, CNRS)

Member of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA)

Illustration de l'édition 2022 de la bourse FSS

Laureate of the French Social Science Foundation's research grant, 2022 edition “Remote Working”.

Project entitled: Being a confined MP. Can citizens' interests be represented remotely?


Jonathan Chibois is a researcher in political anthropology. At the crossroads of political anthropology, sociology of work and history of technology, his research work has as its central theme the question of the transformation of communication infrastructures within organisations since the end of the 19th century, with a particular interest in their digital transition.
The study of the French National Assembly for his doctoral thesis led him to specialise in parliamentary institutions. He is interested in the ordinary activities of deliberative assemblies around the world in order to identify their principles and structuring dynamics, based on ethnographic investigations. He thus takes as his object their infrastructures, i.e. the tools, procedures, bodies, and dynamics of circulation and cooperation that enable these institutions to exist as such.

Research Interests

Political anthropology, anthropology of work, digital anthropology, public anthropology.

  • Parliament and political representation activity ;
  • Information infrastructures and digital activity networks ;
  • Fieldwork methodology and epistemology ;
  • Collaborative researches, citizen science and open scientific publishing.

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